Beauty pageant candidates in Negros compete with no makeup on, unfiltered photos

  • The Negrosanon Queen 2021 beauty pageant made their candidates compete with no makeup on
  • According to the pageant organizers, they want to showcase the real beauty of a Negrosanon lady
  • Many netizens appreciated the unique idea

A beauty pageant in Negros caught the interest of many netizens because candidates are all makeup-free.

Image by Negrosanon Palanggaon via Facebook

The Negrosanon Queen 2021 is probably breaking barriers in the beauty pageant world as it showcases its candidates with no makeup and their photos with no filters. The competition boasts that their candidates are “authentic” and shows the true beauty of a Negrosanon.

On Facebook, the page Negrosanon Palanggaon shared the photos of the pageant’s candidates. They also explained the mission of the Negrosanon Queen to bring a truly unique beauty pageant.

The page posted, “Mga Langga, we are proud to present to you our 25 Negrosanon Queen Grand Finalists vying for the crown and title of the #NoFilter The Search for Negrosanon Queen 2021.”

It continued that the beauty pageant wants to find a woman who truly represent a true Negrosanon queen.

“We are giving you a one of a kind and unique online pageant that celebrates the true beauty of a Negrosanon lady that is raw, authentic and unfiltered,” it continued.

The beauty pageant will be streamed online on Feb 6, 2021 at 8pm exclusively at the Facebook pages of Negrosanon Palanggaon and Congressman Arnie Teves.

Image by Negrosanon Palanggaon via Facebook

Netizens recognized the effort and initiative of the pageant.

A netizen commented in Visayan saying, “Kudos sa nakahuna-huna aning idea! Gwapa silang tanan nga way makeup. Very unique.” [Kudos to those who thought of this idea. They are very beautiful even with no makeup].

Another one wrote, “Nindot kaayo sila tan-awon. Mao ni klarong mga gwapa.” [They are all so beautiful to look at. This truly shows that they are all beautiful.]

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