49 children in Davao’s Bahay Pagasa test positive for COVID-19

  • 49 children under the Bahay Pagasa in Davao City tested positive for COVID-19
  • According to the City Health Office (CHO) Acting Head Dr. Ashley Lopez, the children are asymptomatic
  • Since the children are considered CICL, they couldn’t be transferred to a quarantine facility because of fears they might escape

Forty nine children dubbed as “children in conflict with the law” or CICL have tested positive for COVID-19.

Image by Davao City Children’s Village or Bahay Pagasa via Facebook

The 49 children who tested positive were housed at the Davao City Children’s Village or Bahay Pagasa. City Health Office (CHO) Acting Head Dr. Ashley Lopez confirmed that 49 out of the 105 total CICL who were swabbed were confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus.

In an interview over Davao City Disaster Radio, Lopez assured that the local health authorities are taking all the possible measures to contain the outbreak at the facility. They have also provided isolation tents for the patients.

Lopez further explained that they could not just transfer the CICL patients to a temporary treatment facility as the procedures normally order because they fear that the children might escape. She assured that they have already added stricter security measures and additional personnel and medical staff at the isolation facilities of the children’s village.

“There were three who escaped early this week but we were able to retrieve those guys in a matter of few hours because they lived near Tugbok,” she said.

The health official revealed that since the patients are asymptomatic, they won’t experience any complications.

Image by Davao City Children’s Village or Bahay Pagasa via Facebook

“They have good resistance, so we don’t expect any complications from this group. As we know, based on the data, those who are usually vulnerable to complications are the senior citizens,” Lopez said.

Due to the outbreak, the Bahay Pag-asa has been on lockdown for 10 days to monitor and provide them medical assistance.