Winwyn Marquez helps build new playground for kids in Tawi-Tawi

  • Winwyn Marquez traveled to Tawi-Tawi to join efforts in extending assistance to those in need
  • The actress helped distribute food, toys, slippers and participated in building a new playground for the children
  • She said she didn’t let travel restrictions and her busy schedule get in the way of her performing her duties as Marine reservist

Winwyn Marquez just made her Christmas more meaningful by visiting and reaching out to the children in Tawi-Tawi.

Image by Winwyn Marquez via Instagram

The Kapuso star joined the Navy in giving the kids and residents a few gifts and even helped in building a new playground for them. On Instagram, Winwyn shared photos of how she joined the Marine Battalion Landing Team-6 (MBLT-6) in distributing food, slippers and toys to the children. She also took part in the building of a playground in Brgy. Parang Pantay, Languyan.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” she began.

Winwyn went on to share how she didn’t let the travel restrictions and her busy schedule get in the way of her fulfilling her responsibilities as a Marine reservist.

“Despite the difficulties, many of us have realized that 2020 was not only a period of uncertainties but also a season for creativity and new possibilities. Even though travel is restricted and my schedule is filled with locked-in taping duties, my opportunities to help as a reservist were not hampered by these limitations,” she wrote.

Image by Winwyn Marquez via Instagram

She said the children of Tawi-Tawi were delighted to receive the small gifts they gave.

“Cupcakes, sopas, slippers, toys, and candies may only be small things that we usually take for granted in our daily lives but for the children in Tawi-Tawi, who barely receive assistance and attention during this Christmas season, such treats are already godsend,” she added.

“Before the year ends, try to be someone’s sunshine,” Winwyn reminded everyone.

The actress finished and even topped her marine reservist training under the Philippine Naval Reserve Command last November.

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