Vet med student, friends have been feeding stray animals for years in Capiz

  • A Veterinary Medicine student and her friends feed stray animals
  • Hyacinth Lumagbas and her friends have been doing it for years and didn’t stop amid the pandemic
  • She reminded everyone to be compassionate and share their blessings to animals as well

A student and her friends have been busy feeding stray animals for years now.

Image by Hyacinth Lumagbas via Facebook

Hyacinth Lumagbas, a first-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student from Barangay Natividad in Pilar town, along with her friends scours the streets of Capiz for hungry dogs and cats. Even on Christmas Day, they celebrated it by showing compassion to stray animals and feeding them.

According to Hyacinth, they have been feeding stray animals since 2017 and not even the pandemic stopped them from continuing their good deed. She said how grateful they are that many compassionate individuals have begun donating enough food and cash to help continue their feeding initiative.

On Facebook, Hyacinth shared photos of her feeding program and reminded everyone to share a meal to the unfortunate animals living in the streets.

Image by Hyacinth Lumagbas via Facebook

She said, “Giving a lil love or small acts of kindness hurts nobody and this is something not everyone understands. Animals are known to recognize love in any form, so the good you do to a stray animal will never go waste. Let us share our blessings by providing them one of the best gifts a stray dog or cat can receive, a clean and decent meal.”

She continued that thank those who donated food for the animals and made extended their generosity due the Christmas season.

“Let us make them feel that Christmas is not just for hoomans but for all “kinds”. To the donors, you all have worked hard for the money you donated to us. Words are fleeting. We wanna let u know that a simple thank you doesn’t do justice to how deeply we appreciate your support,” she added.