Ellen Adarna trends on Twitter after giving ‘amusing’ love and dating advice

  • Ellen Adarna trended on the top spot on Twitter for her dating and love advice
  • Many netizens were amused and also impressed with Ellen’s witty answers
  • One advice Ellen gave to a netizen was to have a life instead of acting like a dog waiting for a text from someone

Ellen Adarna quickly trended on Twitter after she gave a few unfiltered and ‘amusing’ love and dating advice.

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

On her Instagram stories, Ellen had her usual Q&A time with her followers where they can ask the celebrity anything under the sun. As expected, many asked Ellen some advice on how to handle men and relationships.

Netizens were amused and impressed with Ellen’s answers that many shared them on Twitter. Ellen became a top trending topic on Twitter for her witty responses.

Questions and Ellen’s answers were all in Visayan. One question translated was, “What if ang tagal niya mag reply. Sign ba yun na hindi siya interested?”

“Kung naghihintay ka lang ng reply, para kang asong nakaabang — Wala kang life? Ako, di rin ako magri-reply sa taong walang life,” was Ellen’s translated answer.

Another question that trended the most was, “Okay lang ba pakialaman ko ang cellphone ng aking karelasyon?”

Ellen said, “Yang mga ganyan ‘Day, para lang yan sa mga pangit ang mukha. Sa mga insecure, sa mga praning. Hindi ko pa yan naranasan. Never.”

Another amusing question was when a netizen asked, “When both of us got drunk, he told me he likes me but he’s not doing anything to reach out.”

Ellen’s translated reply was, “Girl, that means, he only thinks you’re pretty when he’s drunk. Get him drunk again.”

Image Capture of Video by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

Next question was about getting rid of an ex-boyfriend. The netizen asked, “What to do if my ex keeps messaging me even if ayoko na sa kanya.”

Ellen’s answer was, “O di ba, ang ganda mo. Ang ganda mo pero di ka nag-iiisip… Di mo na isip na i block siya? Ano ba yang cellphone mo, analog?”

Netizen Noreen Capili made a compilation of Q&A on Twitter.