Tolentino, Dela Rosa file resolution calling for a Con-Ass to amend the Constitution

  • Senators Francis Tolentino and Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa have filed a resolution urging the Congress to convene as a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass)
  • The resolution attempts to make limited amendments to the Constitution
  • The senators said it’s timely to make amendments to aid the government in making reforms that will help more Filipinos amid the pandemic

Senators Francis Tolentino and Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa have filed a resolution calling on the 18th Congress to convene as a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) to make a move in amending the 1987 Constitution.

Image by Sen, Bato dela Rosa via Facebook

Constituent Assembly is one of the means to amend the Constitution aside from a constitutional convention or by people’s initiative.

According to the resolution filed by the two senators there is a need to make “limited” changes in the charter due to the “mounting economic and health concerns” brought about by the ongoing pandemic.

“The interest of the Filipino people will be served by introducing meaningful reforms reinforcing not only economic growth and development but also more pragmatic democratic representation,” the resolution read.

Image by Sen. Francis Tolentino via Facebook

The resolution added that the changes will aid in the government’s efforts in rebuilding our country and help the Filipinos amid the pandemic.

“Against this backdrop mounting economic and health concerns brought about by the pandemic, it is important to ensure that the subsequent national policies and strategies for the rehabilitation of our nation be responsive to the needs of our people,” it said.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III confirmed that there has been a proposal urging the Senate and the House of Representatives into a Con-Ass to amend the charter.

However, he said he really can’t tell if it will push through. Sotto said, “I really can’t tell. We need majority vote to approve the resolution and convene but you need three-fourths vote to approve constitutional amendments.”