Taxi driver takes passenger to proper authorities after he refused to wear mask

  • A taxi driver in Canada didn’t take his passenger to his destination after the latter refised to wear a mask
  • The driver took the disobedient passenger to the police where he was fined with over CA$690 (P26,000)
  • The authorities kept the passenger locked in jail until he was sober

A taxi driver in Canada decided to bring his passenger to a police station after he refused to wear a face mask.

Image by Canva Pro

Despite the rising cases of COVID-19 all over the world, there are still some people who take the situation lightly and refuse to obey with the safety precautionary measures.

Almost every week, videos and pictures on social media show people who openly defy social distancing and quarantine rules. For one taxi driver who was faced with such person, he didn’t brush off the violations and reported the disobedient resident to the authorities.

On New Year’s Day, the Victoria police received a 911 call from a taxi driver who had a drunken passenger acting “belligerently” when he asked him to follow safety protocols. According to the report, the passenger refused to wear a face mask and also touched the driver’s face.

The cab driver decided to drop his passenger directly to the police station instead of taking him to his destination. The passenger even resisted and refused to leave the taxi. The police officers had to remove him from the cab and took him into custody.

Image by Canva Pro

The man had to pay up a huge fine that amounted to CA$690 (P26,000) for three counts: failing to wear a facial covering, belligerent behavior, and failing to comply with the direction of an officer. The passenger was kept in jail until he became sober and received a ticket for being intoxicated in a public place.