Regine Velasquez stands by ABS-CBN: “Hindi sumagi sa isip ko na iwan sila”

  • Regine Velasquez remains loyal to ABS-CBN
  • She explained that she didn’t hesitate to stay because she wanted to prove that she is grateful when she signed a contract in 2018
  • The singer admitted she is excited for the possibilities that will come their way

Regine Velasquez expressed her commitment to ABS-CBN even though the network has lost its franchise.

Image by Regine Velasquez via Instagram

Regine didn’t hesitate to say that she isn’t leaving the Kapamilya network amid the growing number of talents already moving to rival networks. The singer, who signed a contract with ABS-CBN in 2018, revealed that she wants to prove to everyone that she will stand by the network through its tough times.

She said, “That I’m still here. That despite what happened, ni hindi sumagi sa isip ko na iwan sila.”

Regine explained how she was welcomed by the Kapamilya network two years ago and how her decision to stay meant to her.

“Sa akin, tinanggap nila ako with open arms, nang lubos-lubos, tapos kung kailan nila ako kailangan, hindi ako mag-i-stay? Parang weird iyon sa akin,” she said.

“I’m happy to be here, despite what’s going on, despite the franchise not being granted,” Regine added.

Image by Regine Velasquez via Instagram

The OPM pillar admitted that she and her husband Ogie Alcasid were first scared about the uncertainties of the situation but they are now thankful that blessings still continue to come their way.

“I was a little scared of what’s going to happen, kasi siyempre, meron kaming mga responsibilities, may anak kami. I was worried for a time. True enough, He just kept blessing us and blessing us.”

“This thing that happened to ABS-CBN, nakakalungkot, but at the same time, I don’t know, pero excited ako,” Regine disclosed about the endless possibilities that will soon happen.

Regine is set to do a Valentine’s Day concert entitled “Freedom” which will be streamed live on

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