PBB housemate regrets tweeting Yes to ABS-CBN shutdown, Robi Domingo loses cool over admission

  • PBB housemate Russu Laurente said he regretted airing his support for the shutdown of ABS-CBN
  • Netizens found tweets from him saying he supports the President and tweeted #YestoABSCBNshutdown
  • He admitted he was earlier influenced by what he read on social media and admitted he is wrong for thinking that way

Pinoy Big Brother housemate Russu Laurente admitted he was wrong when he earlier tweeted #YESTOABSCBNSHUTDOWN.

Image by PBB Connect via Facebook

Dubbed as the “Bunsong Boksingero of General Santos City”, Russu clarified his regret over his tweet and said that his opinion was influenced by what he saw on social media. He said that as a person from Mindanao, it was normal for him to express his support to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Russu said he saw some friends who posted about knowing a producer or director who were hurt over losing their jobs. It was then he realized that he made a mistake.

“Dun ko na realized na mali pala ‘yung ginawa ko na nag yes ako na yun, at least na realized ko na mali ako”, Russu said.

Image by Russu Laurente via Twitter

“Kung ang purpose ng mga nasa gobyerno kung bakit sila tumakbo sa posisyon na yon is tumulong, ba’t nila ipapasara yung kumpanya na tumutulong sa mga Pilipino?”,Russu told his housemate Haira.

Prior to Russu’s public admission, netizens already found his tweets with the hashtag #YesToABSCBNShutdown. One of his tweets said that they would rather watch GMA shows instead.

Meanwhile, Robi couldn’t hold his frustration and aired his personal sentiments on the issue. Speaking with Bianca Gonzales, he warned that they forgive but they will never forget.

He said, “Walang kinalaman ang PBB dito, this is just me. Pero gusto kong ibalik sa kanya ang sinabit niya dati, doon sa naging issue niya with Aiyzel. We can forgive but we will never forget. Eto ‘yung tinig ng mga nawalan. Pag labas nilang lahat sa bahay ni Kuya, ipapakita ko sa kanila to (points at ABS-CBN logo). This is not just a symbol, this is our mantra This is our life. Hay.”