“One certificate a day!” College dean finishes over 800 online courses during pandemic

  • Jowan Sia showed off over 800 certificates he earned for the online courses he took
  • The college dean said he began taking free courses online last March because he wanted to make his time productive
  • Jowan said his goal was to earn at least one certificate a day

A college dean made his time productive amid the pandemic as he finished over 800 online courses.

Image by Jowan Sia via Facebook

As the pandemic swept through the world and everyone got stuck inside their house, many found new ways to entertain themselves amid the new normal. Many became “plantitas,” while many found themselves becoming online sellers. For one college dean in Masbate, he found fulfillment in finishing online courses.

Jowan Sia proudly showed off the certificates he was able to gather as we studied over 800 free online courses and training. He said he did it because he wanted to be productive during the lockdown.

According to Jowan, he started taking free courses online last March 2020 just when the lockdown was announced.

Image by Jowan Sia via Facebook

“Masaya ako because I was able to prove to myself na kaya ko, na I can become a better version of me, na on my own kaya ko i-cultivate ang 3Ds: Determination, Dedication, and Discipline,” Jowan shared with News5.

Jowan revealed he isn’t done yet and he is committed to take more courses. He admitted that last year, he set a goal of earning a certificate a day.

“Gaya last year, goal ko pa rin na makakuha ng kahit isang certificate in a day. Of course, these certificates won’t be enough to cover my intellectual nakedness but I am delighted to note that I am making progress,” Jowan explained.

On Facebook, Jowan shared a photo of his collection of online courses. He wrote, “I am ending 2020 a little bit better than before. Over eight hundred fifty certificates.”