Netizens trend #BoycottPBB for show’s alleged ‘unfair’ nomination and favoritism

  • #BoycottPBB and #UnfairPBB became top trending topics on Twitter after housemates Ella and Aizyl were nominated
  • Many said the show didn’t properly use the Power of Veto when they failed to make replacements for the other two previously nominated housemates Jie-Ann and Andrea
  • Viewers accuse the show of being biased because it wanted either Ella or Aizyl out while keeping Jie-Ann as a favorite

Netizens aired their frustration and disappointment over the recent nominations of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother Connect.

Image by Twitter

On Twitter, #BoycottPBB, #UnfairPBB trended on top spots after housemates Ella Cayabyab and Aizyl Tandugon were nominated for eviction. Earlier, Ella and Aizyl were joined by Jie-Ann Armero and Andrea Abaya as fellow nominees but the two were saved by the Heads of the Households (HoH).

Netizens called the nomination “unfair” and “biased” and pointed out that as per the definition of the Power to Veto, the HOH has to choose a replacement for his/her saved nominee. Many netizens are upset that it was allegedly clear that the show wanted either Ella or Aizyl out of the house.

A netizen explained, “The nomination was unfair because as per the rules, there should be a replacement for Jie-Ann and Andrea as nominees. #BoycottPBB”

Another tweeted, “I love PBB but what they did is just wrong and the viewers need an explanation. If they were really adapting the Big Brother USA’s Power to Veto, there should be a replacement for those 2 housemates that were saved by the HoH.”

Many viewers are also accusing PBB of favoritism; allegedly always giving more focus to Jie-Ann.

Image by PBB Connect

A netizen tweeted, “Grabe no? nung nagbebreakdown si Jie-ann binigyan agad ng words of wisdom ni kuya tapos ngayong nagbebreakdown sila Ella at Aizyl, he never even said a single word of wisdom for them hahahaha what a biased. #BoycottPBB”

Eviction night will be on January 31 (Sunday).