Kim Chiu ends 2020 by giving away food, relief goods to typhoon Ulysses victims

  • Kim Chiu initiated relief efforts to victims of Typhoon Ulysses
  • She packed over 800 relief packs and food for 1,500 people
  • The actress said she is hopeful that the new year will be good for everyone and encouraged us all to be kind to one another

Kim Chiu ended her 2020 with relief efforts for those affected by Typhoon Ulysses.

Image by Kim Chiu via Instagram

The actress gave away bags of relief goods for 800 people and food for over 1,500 Typhoon Ulysses victims. She posted on Instagram photos of her donations and moments of her visit to one of the affected areas. She said she hoped her donations will bring smiles to the victims and will allow them to have a good media noche.

“The other day, I visited one of the many places that have been hit massively by the typhoon Ulysses. It’s a 3 hours drive, but right when we get there, seeing those beautiful smiles is very precious,” Kim wrote.

“Gave out food packages for 800 families and food for 1500 people! May not be much, but kahit papano magkakaroon sila ng pang media noche,” she added.

In the photos, Kim and her team wore face masks and shields as they handed out food to the victims. Among the donations were sacks of rice and packs of noodles.

The actress also reflected on 2020 was a “year full of challenge, fear, sadness, doubts, judgment.”

Image by Kim Chiu via Instagram

“It’s like the world transformed into something we don’t even know. But keeping a beautiful mindset. Having that faith and not let go. Being kind to one another. Give joy, love, and peace,” she said.

She ended her post by greeting everyone a new year and hoping that things will get back to normal. “The world will become its old self again. Let’s all be a blessing to one another. Happy end of 2020, everyone,” she wrote.

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