Julia’s sister Claudia Barretto enters showbiz, refuses to talk about father Dennis Padilla

  • Claudia Barretto has signed up with Viva Artists Agency
  • She revealed that she prides herself as an honest person and that makes her easy to be with
  • The Barretto sister said she would rather answer questions about herself than about her family

Claudia Barretto, the younger sister of Julia, has officially entered showbiz.

Image by Claudia Barretto via Instagram

Claudia has followed the footsteps of her sister as she officially signed a contract with Viva Artists Agency. While Julia is known to be an actress, Claudia prides herself as a singer and a creative.

More than a pretty face, Claudia revealed that she is proud to be an honest and candid person. “I don’t know if you would consider it unique, but what I pride myself in is my honesty. I think that it’s easier for me to converse with other people because I’m just being honest so I can’t go wrong with being honest, and that’s how I feel as an artist as well,” she was quoted by Pep during a press conference by Viva.

True to her words, Claudia came clean when she was asked on what advice her father Dennis Padilla gave her when she decided to enter showbiz. Claudia admitted that she would rather answer questions about herself because she wants to keep her family protected.

“For me, there are a lot of things that people have not come to be aware of yet, especially when it comes to familial relationships,” Claudia said.

Image by Claudia Barretto via Instagram

“And for me, I’m naturally a very private person, but especially when it comes to family because I’m very protective, not only my peace but also my family’s. I would love to answer if you have any other question to me, I would love to answer,” she added.

Asked if she would be an actress like her sister Julia, Claudia said she is just excited on whatever new opportunity comes her way.