Iya Villania admits ‘work from home’ as a mother is very challenging

  • Iya Villania admitted that working at home with kids is a real challenge
  • She revealed that there are times she is faced with awkward scenarios at work because her kids need her
  • But despite it all, Iya expressed how grateful she is for all the blessings she is receiving

Iya Villania admitted that working from home as a mother is challenging.

Image by Iya Villania via Instagram

While Iya revealed she is grateful that she gets to continue working even from their home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she discloses that it’s definitely not a walk in the park. Having three kids at home, Iya said the work-from-home setup can be very difficult.

Juggling the demands of her work and attending to the needs of her three kids, Primo, Leon and Alana is not an easy task.

Iya said, “Even the viewers of 24 Oras have witnessed it, na minsan you have Primo in the background or you have Leon screaming or you have Alana screaming for milk also.”

Even when she’s filming for her other show, Mars Pa More, viewers also get to witness her “mom life” even as she works.

Despite these challenges and sometimes even awkward scenarios, Iya is thankful for all the blessings.

“You know it is something that I’ve been blessed to experience and to enjoy,” she said.

She also acknowledged that the work-from-home experiences of many parents differ from one another. Iya went on to say that despite the challenges the pandemic has brought to all of us, it’s best to see the positive side of everything and appreciate it.

Image by Iya Villania via Instagram

She said, “It’s really hard. It’s been hard for many. So for me, to still be able to enjoy working from home, it is really something that I am not taking for granted.”

“It’s challenging. It’s very challenging, but you know I am taking it. I’m enjoying every minute of it,” she added.

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