Gordon says Red Cross plans to implement “Buy 1, Donate 1” covid vaccine program

  • Senator Richard Gordon revealed that the Philippine Red Cross is looking at a “Buy 1, Donate 1” COVID-19 vaccine program
  • He explained that those who can afford to buy a covid vaccine have the option to sponsor one for those in need
  • Gordon said they are still negotiating with Pfizer and AstraZeneca on the possibility of the program

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) chairman Senator Richard Gordon shared his suggestion that they are eyeing to implement a “Buy 1, Donate 1” COVID-19 vaccine program.

Image by PRC via Facebook

As the public continues to debate on the COVID-19 vaccines, Gordon made a proposal that will help extend the reach of accessibility to more people. According to Gordon, they are planning to implement a program wherein those who can afford to buy a COVID-19 vaccine also has the option to donate one for those in need.

Gordon tweeted, “Nais namin iimplementa sa Red Cross ang ‘buy one, donate one’ kung saan ang mga may-kaya makabili ng bakuna ay maaaring magdonate ng isa o higit pang bakuna para sa mga walang kakayahang makabili.”

He explained that not only will the program help others but will also support the recovery of our economy. “Mas mabilis makakabangon ang ating ekonomiya kung mas marami ang mababakunahan,” Gordon added.

Image by Sen. Richard Gordon via Twitter

Earlier, Gordon revealed that the PRC is in talks with Pfizer and AstraZeneca for its plan to roll out their planned “Buy 1, Donate 1” program.

“Ang dream ko diyan, halimbawa magdo-donate ako isa pero bakunahan n’yo na rin ako. One is to one… Halimbawa ako, nagpaturok ako, mag-sponsor ako ng iba rin,” Gordon said.

When asked about the possible date to launch the vaccination program, Gordon answered, “It might take a little bit more [time]. We’re not there yet. I have to talk to them how fast can they deliver it.”

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