Filipina nurse who administered 1st covid vaccine in the UK urges Pinoys to get vaccinated

  • May Parsons, the Filipina nurse who administered the first COVID-19 vaccine in the UK is encouraging her “kababayans” to get the vaccine
  • She said getting vaccinated is our biggest contribution to the world as we face the pandemic
  • The nurse also said it’s best to equip ourselves with information that is based on science and research and not just mere hearsay

The Filipino nurse who administered the first vaccine against COVID-19 in the UK is urging Filipinos to get vaccinated.

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May Parsons is the Filipina who made history as the nurse who administered the first dose of COVID-19 in the UK to usher in the country’s mass vaccination against the disease. She’s encouraging her fellow Filipinos to take the vaccine and described it as our biggest contribution to the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

She stressed that the coronavirus has infected over 90 million people worldwide based on the Johns Hopkins University tracker.

“History says that vaccination — it does work, it does protect people. And for people thinking about not having it, please do, because if you have family who are at risk of actually experiencing death because of COVID-19, then I would say take it,” Parsons told CNN Philippines.

Parsons went on to explain the importance of educating Filipinos about vaccines. She said it’s best to give information that are based from scientific research and related clinical studies and not just hearsays.

“The hearsay is stronger than the message of education from the researches or the clinical scientists. We just need to make sure the information we’re getting or the information that our kababayans are getting are the real ones and they can be trusted and not just hearsay,” said Parsons, a nurse in the UK’s National Health Service for 24 years.

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Based on data from the OCTA Research’s TUGON NG MASA survey released last January 5, only 25% of respondents in Metro Manila are willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available in the country.

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