English actress Florence Pugh posts on Instagram how much she loves lumpia

  • English actress Florence Pugh shared how much she loves lumpia
  • She revealed that she grew up eating lumpia because she has a Filipino best friend
  • Florence even tagged her friend and asked her mother for some secrets on how to make lumpia

Looks like even English actress Florence Pugh also believes in Pinoy’s popular line, “lumpia is life.”

Image by Florence Pugh via Instagram

The ‘Little Women’ actress couldn’t get enough of how much she loves the Filipino dish lumpia that she even went on social media to share it. According to Florence, she grew up eating lumpia because her best friend was a Filipino.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Florence revealed, “I grew up eating lumpia and would literally count down the days until I’d eat it again.”

And just like any Filipino mom, her best friend’s mother would always give her “pabaon”of lumpia to enjoy at home.

“My best friend was [Filipino] and her mum was a master at cooking. She knew I loved them and would make a batch, freeze them, package them up for me to take home after our sleepover,” she added.

Image by Florence Pugh via Instagram

In another story, Florence even tagged her Filipino friend to ask if her mom could share her secrets.

“@wonderfulpsyche This may be my next cooking challenge! can your mama share her secrets?” she wrote.

Florence starred in “Little Women” and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also starred in the film “Midsommar.” The actress is set to appear in Marvel’s “Black Widow” with Scarlet Johannson and “Don’t Worry Darling” starring Chris Pine and Harry Styles.

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