Ellen Adarna on John Lloyd as a dad: “I see how happy my son is when he is around”

  • Ellen Adarna opened up about John Lloyd Cruz as a father to their son, Elias Modesto
  • The actress revealed that she saw how happy Elias is whenever he is around his father
  • Ellen admitted that her son needs John Lloyd just as much as he needs her

Ellen Adarna opens up about John Lloyd Cruz as a father to their son, Elias Modesto.

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

After shying away from the limelight for some time, the actress finally spoke candidly about her co-parenting setup with John Lloyd. Ellen revealed that even if they are no longer a couple, she relayed how they work together as parents. As a mother, Ellen admitted she saw how her son also longs to be with John Lloyd.

“My son needs him as much as he needs me. I see their relationship and I see how happy my son is when he is around. So that’s why I also have to work on myself,” she stated.

Ellen also went on to share how her mental training in Bali has helped her focus on herself and her “issues. She said that because of the training, she can now talk about her past relationships which she used to shy away about.

Image by John Lloyd Cruz via Facebook

“Now I’m in a very good place. I can say I’m 100% okay. I feel my environment changed. Like his approach to me, my relationship with him has changed without asking him to change. So I was just really the problem. [laughs]. How I viewed it, my thinking pattern was the problem,” she said.

Ellen is set to make a TV comeback via a TV5 sitcom called “John and Ellen” with John Estrada.

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