Billionaire Jack Ma suspected missing for months after he criticized China’s financial system

  • Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has been suspected missing for months now
  • Media have noticed that Ma has not been on social media or seen publicly since October 2020
  • His suspected disappearance came after he criticized the financial system of China

Jack Ma has been suspected missing for months now after he made statements criticizing China’s financial system and pushed for reforms.

Image by Wikimedia Commons

The media is abuzz about the whereabouts of the Chinese billionaire. Many netizens and media networks have noticed that Ma has no public appearances or social media presence for nearly three months now, since his last post on 10 October 2020.

According to a report by the Business Insider, Ma has been under fire for advocating financial banking reforms and has experienced a crack down on his business empire.

In December 2020, Chinese regulators launched an antitrust investigation into Ma’s Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company. In November, China also approved a series of new rules that put a stop to the scheduled initial public offering (IPO) of Ma’s fintech company, Ant Group.

The new rules came just weeks after Ma criticized China’s financial regulatory system at a conference in Shanghai in October. Ma said China’s global financial regulations are outdated or “an old people’s club” and and cannot help them move forward. Ma said, “We can’t use yesterday’s methods to regulate the future.”

According to the Independent, Ma failed to appear in the final episode of ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’; a talent show of the Jack Ma Foundation. Ten emerging African entrepreneurs were given a shared $1.5m (£1.09m) grant for pursuing their ideas.

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The Chinese billionaire also didn’t show up and was replaced as a judge in the final episode of the show by Alibaba’s co-founder Lucy Peng and his picture was also removed from their official webpage.