Bea Alonzo seeks love and career advice from tarot card reader: “I’m claiming it!”

  • Bea Alonzo sought the advice of tarot card reader Niki Vizcarra
  • According to Niki, Bea will get married either after seven months or in the next seven years
  • Bea said she is claiming that 2021 will be a better year for everyone

Bea Alonzo has sought the advice of a card reader for the year 2021.

Image Capture of Video by Bea Alonzo Youtube

In the latest vlog of the actress, Bea was joined by her friend Kakai Bautista to ask advice from tarot card reader Niki Vizcarra. The actress said that if there’s anything she learned from last year, that is to grab every opportunity there is.

Bea also said, “I pray that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. I’m claiming it. We will all survive and we will apply all the things that we have learned in 2020. I’m so energized, I’m so excited for what’s in store for everyone this year.”

Tarot card reader Niki went on to predict the timeline on when Bea will get married.

“Later on pa nga. Civil muna. Hindi ka Church sa una. Medyo hidden lang. Either seven months from now or seven years from now,” Niki said.

Bea lamented the timeline predicted and said, “Seven months? Hindi pwede may trabaho ako. Seven years naman ang tagal. Ang tanda ko na nu’n.”

Image Capture of Video by Bea Alonzo via Youtube

But Niki assured her that her married life will be secure. She explained, “Pero bongga naman ang marriage life mo after. Kasi if you’ll be married now, may chances kang mag-separate kasi.”

When Bea saw that a man with white hair appeared on the card, she asked if she will be marrying an older man. Nikki replied, “Mature na kasi siya mag-isip. Love lies true.”

She also claimed that the actress will have a successful career and said, “Very long life ka, very bongga ang career mo.”

You can watch the video from Bea Alonzo’s YouTube Channel:

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