Arjo Atayde hopes the government could give more support, funds to the showbiz industry

  • Arjo Atayde shared his hope that the government would send support to the entertainment industry
  • He said the industry is struggling and many employees are working hard
  • The actor suggested for the government to assemble a team for a big project that could be shown abroad

Arjo Atayde aired his hope that the government could give more support to those working in the showbiz industry.

Image by Arjo Atayde via Instagram

The actor clarified that he doesn’t intend to “badmouth” the Philippine government but just wished that it could be more aggressive in giving support to the struggling entertainment industry.

Arjo was quoted in Push saying, “I don’t mean to badmouth the government, but I think other countries are supported by the government and I think that’s a big factor as well. I’m not badmouthing again.”

Arjo went on to share that the workers in the showbiz industry are struggling and working hard and it would be a big help if the Philippine government would give support.

“I’m stating a fact and I guess we just need more support, more funds, more time, especially now that we were so used to shooting 20-30 scenes in a span of 24 hours. Now you have to shoot that in a span of 12 hours. So imagine the adjustment that people have to go through for that,” he said.

Image by Arjo Atayde via Instagram

Arjo explained that he hopes the government would help assemble a collaborative team for a project that would be sent abroad for everyone to enjoy.

“Maybe just with time and building the right team. It is the best time for people to collaborate and get the best team out there to put up a project and hopefully ship it abroad and make people see it,” he added.

During the protest against the ABS-CBN shutdown, Arjo said during an interview with Allan Diones how affected he was to hear how many lost their jobs.