“Young people care”: Enchong Dee and Sen. Hontiveros share thoughts on today’s Filipino youth

  • Enchong Dee had Senator Risa Hontiveros as his guest on his vlog
  • The two talked about social issues, including the senator’s thoughts about the Filipino youth
  • According to Senator Risa, she believes millennials do care about the country

Enchong Dee asked Senator Risa Hontiveros about her thoughts on today’s Filipino youth.

Image Capture of Video by Enchong Dee via Youtube

In the actor’s latest vlog, he had Senator Risa as his guest where they talked about various social issues including mental health. Enchong asked the Senator what she thinks is the strongest character of the Filipino youth.

Senator Risa said the strongest trait of the youth of today is their sense of care. “I think it’s the same for all generations — na every time na the country was going through a process of change, ang daming young people na naging involved. Basically, young people care. You care,” she said.

She went on to say that she never believed the common belief among older people that millennials are not concerned.

“There was a few years ago na nauso na ‘yung mga critics would say ‘Ay nako, ang mga millennials walang pakialam. ‘Di nila inaalam ang mga isyu, ‘di nila naiintindihan. They don’t care. I never swallowed that,” she said.

Image Capture of Video by Enchong Dee via Youtube

According to Senator Risa, it is important to have an “inter-generation dialogue” to help the two generations understand each other.

“Baka you just have a different way of appreciating it, a different way of expressing it. So kailangan, i-reconnect natin ang generations — have that inter-generation dialogue of like my generation. My generation, we also cared when we were young,” she said.

Senator Risa said that despite the differing opinion, it is important to have respect. “We have to believe and respect. We have to believe and respect na you young people today — your generation — do care. You’re the ones who give us hope,” she said.

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