Yorme Isko shares why his wife Dianna Lynn wants a private life: “Napakahiyain nu’n’

  • Mayor Isko Moreno talked candidly about his family life
  • He said that his wife Dianna Lynn wants a normal, private life
  • Yorme earlier told his five children not to enter politics while he is still in office

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno opened up about his family life and why he would rather keep them away from the prying eyes of the public.

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As the mayor’s popularity quickly rose due to the efforts and initiatives he made in the country’s capital, many are intrigued on why his wife and kids seem to shy away from the limelight. Only one of his kids, Joaquin, followed in his father’s footsteps and joined showbiz.

According to Mayor Isko, his wife Dianna Lynn likes to evade the public’s attention. While she tries to fulfill her duty as the mayor’s wife, she prefers being in the background.

On GMA’s “Tunay Na Buhay,”, Mayor Isko said, “Napakahiyain nu’n [misis ko]. She wanted to live normally. While she has also some obligations as the wife of the mayor on a particular occasion, after that wala na ulit ‘yon, bebeta (tatabi) na sa gedli (gilid) ‘yun, doon na siya.”

But despite it, Mayor Isko proudly shared how his wife is a member of the Philippine Taekwondo.

When asked what family means to him, Mayor Isko replied, ” Ang pamilya ang pundasyon ng lipunan. Kaya mahalaga ang pamilya.”

Mayor Isko also talked about how he initially hesitated to allow his son Joaquin to join showbiz but eventually supported him. Yorme also earlier shared that he discourages his five children to enter politics while he is still in office.

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He said, “I don’t allow my children to be part of the government, not until nasa gobyerno ako. When I retire and they want to go to public service, they can go.”

“But if I’m still in public office, they’re not allowed because, let others lead their respective fields,” he added.

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