Viva Artists Agency files lawsuit against Nadine Lustre

  • Viva Artists Agency filed charges against Nadine Lustre for violating her exclusive contract
  • The agency said Lustre has been making contracts without their approval
  • Last January, Lustre announced that she had left the talent agency and will now be independent but Viva insisted that she signed a contract that she will be their talent until 2029

Viva Artists Agency has filed formal charges against actress Nadine Lustre.

Image by VIVA

The talent agency’s legal counsel filed a lawsuit against the actress at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (QCRTC), as reported by ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe.

According to a statement sent by Viva, charges were filed against Lustre for violation of her existing contract with them. They noted how earlier this year, the actress “violated her valid and existing ‘agency and management contract’.”

The actress independently made contracts with advertisers, promoters, and other third parties while disregarding the exclusive contract she signed with Viva.

The lawsuit filed seeks to stop Nadine from continuously violating her ‘agency and management contract’ with VAA.

Atty. Chino Roxas, the legal counsel of Viva, made the statement, “Ms. Lustre should honor & respect the sanctity of contracts & that third parties are put on notice that any direct dealings w/ Ms. Lustre for her services as a performing artist or endorser shall be in violation of Ms. Lustre’s contract w/ VAA.”

Image by Nadine Lustre via Facebook

In January this year, Lustre announced she has officially left Viva Artists Agency; her talent agency for several years.

Her legal counsel, Kapunan & Castillo Law Offices, made a statement that Lustre is now “self-managed and will continue to be so indefinitely.”

“She shall directly manage her affairs from now on, and bookings and inquiries may be directly addressed to her,” it said.

Meanwhile, Viva insists that Lustre remains to be their talent until June 2029 under her exclusive contract with the agency.

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