Tulfo calls out Shopee and Lazada over fake items: “Ang titigas ng ulo”

  • Raffy Tulfo had strong words against Shopee and Lazada
  • He began by complaining about how the e-commerce platforms have allowed the selling of fake “Tulfo and Chill” hoodies and shirts
  • The broadcaster went on to say that both platforms have been sources of many fake items, even medicines that might cause harm to consumers

Raffy Tulfo lambasted Shopee and Lazada for their failure to stop the selling of fake items through their platforms.

Image Capture of Video by Raffy Tulfo in Action via Youtube

The radio broadcaster aired his disappointment over Shopee and Lazada over the continued selling of fake merchandise, specifically his Raffy Tulfo items. Tulfo said those items under his name are copyrighted and there are still many shops under Lazada and Shopee that are selling fake copies of the items.

He revealed that he and his company have sought help from the digital selling platforms to remove fake versions of “Tulfo and Chill” hoodies and shirts but they didn’t do anything about it.

“Matigas po ang ulo ng Shopee at Lazada,” Tulfo said.

“Ang titigas po ang ulo ng Shopee at Lazada… Continue pa rin po ng pagbebenta ng mga fake na mga gamot, fake na mga merchandise. Wala silang pakialam. Ang pakialam lang po ng Shopee at Lazada is kumita nang kumita. Wala silang proper screening…”

Image Capture of Video by Raffy Tulfo in Action via Youtube

Tulfo said that they should still be held accountable for the items being sold by their sellers. He noted how Lazada and Shopee should take responsibility and ask for proper documentation to be allowed to sell.

Tulfo said, “They should ask reseller: (A.) yung DTI to make sure na registered yung reseller… (B.) na allowed yung reseller na magbenta ng produktong iyon. Hindi po ito ginagawa ng Shopee at Lazada.”

The show went on to read several complaints against Shopee and Lazada from consumers.

You can watch the rest of the video via Raffy Tulfo in Action’s YouTube channel:

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