“Tao bago kalsada”: Manila to use roadworks budget to purchase COVID-19 vaccine

  • Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said the local government is willing to forego roadwork projects to make sure they have enough funds for COVID-19 vaccine
  • He said their priority is to ensure their residents are protected
  • Earlier, Manila LGU allocated P200 million under the 2021 budget for the purchase of their COVID-19 vaccine

The local government of Metro Manila seems to be setting their priorities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Image by Mayor Isko Moreno via Facebook

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said that they would not hesitate to realign their budget to ensure the protection and safety of their residents against the dreaded COVID-19. He expressed his confidence that the city will procure the much awaited COVID-19 vaccine even if it means they will forego a few infrastructure projects.

Mayor Isko said they will allocate their budget for roadworks to help fund their COVID-19 vaccine procurement.

“Mayroon pa kaming sorpresa, kung talagang itong bakuna na ito ay ligtas na at pangangalagaan ang kalusugan ng tao, aasa sa amin, uunahin ko ang tao bago ang kalsada,” Mayor Isko was quoted by the Inquirer during his speech at the Philippine-Thailand Friendship Circle.

According to the mayor, the budget for next year was delayed because he placed a provision that if there is a need, they can cancel all roadworks. He said what is important is to ensure that everyone gets vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Kaya ko dinelay ang budget kasi may pinasok na probisyon na kung saan, kakanselin namin ang pagawaing kalye kahit magkanda-lubak-lubak ang Maynila, I don’t care. What matters is we have vaccine for every people. I think with 250 million, it may not suffice to particular company’s price but to another company it may,” Mayor Isko said.

Image by Isko Moreno via Twitter

He further assured that if “worse-case scenario” and the funds isn’t enough, he still has more sources.

Earlier, Manila LGU allocated P200 million under the 2021 budget for the purchase of their COVID-19 vaccine.

Source :

Inquirer, PNA