Pia Wurtzbach on comparison of charity works with Catriona Gray: “God knows I really tried”

  • Pia Wurtzbach defended herself against a netizen who compared her to Catriona Gray
  • The netizen commented how Pia seems to be posting more about her “good life” while Catriona has been busy with her relief efforts
  • The beauty queen said she does post about her advocacies and efforts but people only notice the personal stuff she posts about

Pia Wurtzbach has responded to a netizen who compared her charity works and advocacies to that of Catriona Gray’s.

Image by Piz Wurtzbach via Instagram

The beauty queens were pitted against each other by a netizen when it comes to their contributions and efforts, especially now that the country is facing several challenges. The netizen noted how Pia seems to be showing more of her “good life” as compared to Catriona who has been posting about her recent relief efforts. This came after Pia posted a photo of her and her boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey on Instagram.

The netizen wrote, “They are most likely comparing you to Catriona Gray who’s always helping and is really all about helping people. Lately it seems like youre just into your man and living the good life.”

Pia didn’t brush the comment aside and replied that she does post about her efforts but people refuse to recognize it. She said many are more interested with her personal life than the hard work she does.

Image by Piz Wurtzbach via Instagram

“If you look at my timeline and stories you’ll find everything there. I’m always posting but you don’t notice it because you refuse to see it. Kahit naman nung MU pa ko 5 yrs ago people only focused on who I was dating rather than what I was doing,” she said.

“It’s true. I did so much advocacy work as MU and people just don’t see that. They’re more interested in knowing my diet or who I’m seeing. But God knows I really tried hard and never expecting to get anything from it. Gusto ko lang talaga,” she added.