Pia Wurtzbach hurt over criticisms saying she’s undeserving of the ‘Woman of the Year’ award

  • Pia Wurtzbach was awarded the “Woman of the Year” from Dubai-based magazine Xpedition
  • She responded to criticisms saying she’s undeserving of the award
  • Pia listed down some of the charity works she did this year

Pia Wurtzbach defended herself from critics who told her she’s undeserving of the “Woman of the Year” recognition given by Dubai-based magazine Xpedition.

Image by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram

On Instagram, the Miss Universe 2015 extended her appreciation to the magazine for the award. According to Pia, 15 awards were given and she feels grateful to be a recipient of one of them. “Thank you for recognizing my efforts,” she wrote.

Probably after reading some comments from netizens who questioned why she was deserving of the award, Pia edited her post and added a lengthy explanation.

“Ang saya-saya ko everytime I give back in my own little way. And it hurts me when people say na wala naman akong ginawa or ginagawa,” she added.

Pia said its unfair that despite her advocacies, people only notice the photos of her and her boyfriend, Jeremy Jauncey.

“This year has been tough for me too. I’ve been trying to keep my head up and balance work and businesses, my personal life and even family issues,” she said.

“So to my bashers who work so hard to bring me down, okay lang sa kin kung ayaw niyo sa kin, or iba kasi ang bet nyo,” she continued.

Image by Pia Wurtzbach via Instagram

Pia went on to say that despite having won the Miss Universe five years ago, “there are people and organizations who still believe and trust in me and that’s all that matters. Ok na ok na ko dun.”

She also went on to share a few of her charity works including auctioning some of her Miss Universe gowns. Pia also became a World Wide Foundation ambassador this year. Since then, she’s helped with the organization’s fundraisers, closing three campaigns, each amounting to up to P400,000.

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