PBB’s Justin Dizon apologizes to housemate Jie-Ann Armero over insensitive remark

  • PBB housemate Justin Dizon apologized to Jie-Ann Armero over his insensitive remark that has recently gone viral
  • Justin earlier told Jie-Ann that she’s dirty because she doesn’t take a bath regularly
  • Jie-Ann explained that she isn’t used to taking baths daily because they have a water shortage in their hometown

Pinoy Big Brother housemate Justin Dizon has apologized for his viral insensitive remark.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube

Earlier, Justin trended online after netizens were enraged over his attitude towards his fellow housemate Jie-Ann Armero. Justin was called out by netizens after he commented over Jie-Ann not used to having regular baths.

In one instance, Justin wiped his hands on Jie-Ann’s towel and when the housemate from Sarangani said she isn’t bothered, Justin quipped, “Really? Marumi ka kasi.”

In an episode of PBB, Jie-Ann became emotional and explained to her housemates, “Pasensya na kayo kasi minsan lang ako naliligo. Yun nga dahil wala kaming tubig nasanay ako.”

Justin took the opportunity to apologize to Jie-Ann and said, “‘Yun nga I really lacked understanding also na we don’t live in the same house… If ever you felt offended with those jokes I wanna say sorry for them kasi ‘yun nga I forgot to realize iba tayo.”

He added, “I wanna say sorry if ‘yun nga for saying those jokes to you because, like, they are insensitive. Hindi ko naisip initially, your background and my background how different they are. So ‘yun nga I try my best to be more sensitive on how you feel.”

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube

Justin also talked to Big Brother and shared his realizations.

“There was a very quick introspection on my part na parang, ‘Oh yeah Justin, you didn’t even think about that. It is still a responsibility to accept your mistake and learn something about it, apologize and you know magkaroon ka ng character development or something like that,'” Justin shared with Kuya.

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