Netizen helps taho vendor she met inside a bus find customers, quickly becomes viral

  • Netizen Mika Ramos shared photos of a taho vendor she met inside a bus
  • The vendor is Felix Endrina and is looking for more customers to sell his taho
  • The post quickly became viral with over 70,000 shares within 3 hours

A kind netizen helped a taho vendor to find more customers online.

Image by Mika Ramos via Facebook

On Facebook, netizens couldn’t help but be impressed with the determination of a taho vendor in finding more customers amid the ongoing pandemic. Using the power of social media, netizen Mika Ramos hopes she could help a vendor.

Mika shared a photo of a vendor she met while inside a bus. The man, she said, is Felix Endrina and he has been looking for events and parties where he could sell his taho. He even has a signage showing his details for those who are interested.

Mika shared her conversation with Tatay Felix who asked her to share his details online so many could see his business.

She wrote,”Sabi ni Tatay, ‘ipost mo ha? Para sa mga may gusto sa birthday party tawagan nila ako.’ Add n’yo po si Tatay kung may gusto daw po ng taho sa mga upcoming events. Kindly contact him directly po. Thank you so much.”

Mika then shared the Facebook account of Tatay Felix which was under his name for other interested customers to see.

The post quickly became viral with over 70,000 shares within 3 hours. Netizens started tagging their friends and families who have upcoming events. A netizen commented, ” Good luck sayo Tatay Felix. Sana marami kang orders dahil napakasipag mo.”

Image by Mika Ramos via Facebook

Another praised the taho vendor that despite his age, he continues to work hard.

A netizen wrote, “Nakakabilib si Tatay. Masipag kahit mahirap ang buhay ngayon.”

A customer of Tatay Felix also shared how good his taho is and that it’s definitely worth buying. “Matagal na nagbebenta iyan si Tatay. Masarap at malinis ang taho, sulit talaga,” the netizen wrote.