Matteo Guidicelli on mending ties with Sarah G’s parents: “I imagine that all the time”

  • Matteo Guidicelli shared his hope to mend ties with his wife Sarah’s parents
  • He said he imagines it all the time and wishes for them to become one family
  • The actor said he wants to assure Sarah’s parents that their daughter is happy with their married life

Matteo Guidicelli said that he still hopes he and his wife Sarah get to mend their broken ties.

Image by Matteo Guidicelli via Instagram

It can be recalled that an altercation broke out during the celebrity couple’s wedding after Sarah’s mother Divine reportedly barged in uninvited. A rift has been looming ever since as Sarah’s parents didn’t approve of the singer-actress getting married.

But despite it all, Matteo said he still looks forward to the day that they get to call everyone, including Sarah’s parents as part of their family. In his recent interview with Toni Gonzaga for her YouTube channel, he said he grew up in a family-oriented family.

“I imagine that all the time. Not just for me, but obviously primarily for my wife and also my family, my parents,” he said.

“I believe our parents raised us up and worked so hard for us that one day, we could marry a woman or a man, and two families would combine. You know, having drinks together, pasta together. I think that’s our family’s dream. So ‘yun. One day, it will happen,” Matteo added.

Image Capture of Video by Toni Gonzaga via Youtube

If he could send Sarah’s parents a message, he would assure them that their daughter is happy.

Matteo said, “We are extremely happy. Sarah is beautiful. Sarah is amazing. Sarah is independent. She’s happy.”

You can watch the rest of the vlog via Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel:

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