Karen Davila stands up for moms of kids with autism on Plantation Bay shareholder’s remarks

  • Karen Davila stood up for parents of children with autism after a Plantation Bay shareholder shared insensitive remarks
  • Manny Gonzalez issued an apology after he drew flak for saying that the resort has the right to call out a child with autism for “squealing with delight” and said shouting is not a sign of autism
  • Davila said Gonzalez’s remarks are heartless

As a mother to a son with autism, Karen Davila aired her reaction over the viral remark of Cebu’s Plantation Bay Resort & Spa shareholder on autism.

Image by Karen Davila via Instagram

Davila took to Twitter to share her dismay over the resort’s shareholder Manny Gonzalez after his comments to a customer’s complaint went viral. For the seasoned TV anchor, Gonzalez’s statement was “heartless.”

Davila tweeted, “Shame on you, Manny Gonzales of Plantation Bay, for trying to school a parent of a child with autism on what the symptoms are. You are a disgrace to the tourism industry,”

Gonzalez earlier earned the ire of netizens for his seemingly insensitive reply to a customer who shared that the resort’s lifeguard called out her child with autism for “squealing with joy” as he played in the waters.

Gonzales went on to justify the actions of the lifeguards who told the kid to keep it down, saying it was an issue of safety “to hear cries of distress even from far away.” He also said shouting is not a sign of autism.

Image by Karen Davila via Instagram

Davila said even the apology of Gonzalez didn’t sound sincere and only hurt parents like her. She said, “I stand up for all parents of kids with special needs. I understand our responsibility to manage the behavior of our children, [but] no parent deserves to be treated in this manner. A non-apology apology just hurts even more.”

Davila pointed out it was wrong for Gonzalez to “school a parent of a child with autism.”

“Napakasama na insultuhin pa nang ganoon ang magulang gayung hindi naman siya duktor o eksperto sa autism,” she said.

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