Jinkee Pacquiao in celebrating simple Christmas in GenSan: “Mas masaya kasi dun eh”

    • Jinkee Pacquiao said they will be returning to their hometown in General Santos City for the holidays
    • She said the reason is because they get to enjoy the celebration with their huge family
    • Earlier, Manny Pacquiao also shared that they decided to bring their kids back to GenSan to continue their studies so they may instill good values in them

Jinkee Pacquiao explained why she and her family enjoys spending their Christmas time in General Santos City.

Image by Jinkee Pacquiao via Instagram

The wife of boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao said wherever they were, they always like spending time in GenSan. Jinkee said the reason is because they get to be with their huge family.

On Dr. Vicki Belo’s Instagram story, she shared the fun conversation she had with Jinkee and sports reporter Dyan Castillejo. At one point, Dyan asked Jinkee where they will celebrate their Christmas. Jinkee answered that they will spend Christmas and New Year in GenSan.

Dyan also asked Jinkee on her plans this upcoming holidays. Jinkee answered, “Wala lang, kahit nga birthday ni Manny sa bahay lang eh.”

Jinkee revealed that the reason why they like spending the holidays in GenSan is because it is more fun there. “Mas masaya kasi dun eh kasi anduon lahat nung ano, family namen. Kay Manny saka family ko,” she said.

Image by Jinkee Pacquaio via Instagram

Earlier, Manny also shared how he and Jinkee decided to bring their kids back to their hometown in GenSan — to help instill in them good values. He said they allowed their kids to go to a Christian school in their hometown so they may learn the value of humility and appreciate hardships in life.

Pacquiao wants children to experience hardships: “Para hindi sila maging matapobre”

“Doon sila nakapag-aral ng dalawang taon para ma-experience nila yung buhay ng mahihirap. Doon sila nag-aaral sa walang aircon na school for two years,” Manny added.