Imee Marcos on PhilHealth increasing contributions by 2021: “Kapal ng mukha”

  • Senator Imee Marcos questioned the audacity of PhilHealth in increasing its contributions by 2021
  • She said she understood the importance of increasing the funds for the Universal Healthcare Law but the timing isn’t right
  • Marcos said the institution need to focus on regaining its name and reputation to its members after the scandals they were involved in

Senator Imee Marcos is in disbelief in the plans of PhilHealth to increase its premiums by 2021.

Image by Imee Marcos via Facebook

According to Marcos, the PhilHealth is too “thick-skinned” to even ask its members to pay more for its contributions despite the agency facing allegations of corruption.

She was quoted by News5 saying, “Kapal ng mukha ng PhilHealth magtaas ng premium! Managot kaya sila muna sa bilyun-bilyong reserve funds na nawawala bago magdagdag-singil? At saan na naman mapupunta ang pera?”

She added, “Ang PhilHealth, sa kabila ng katakot-takot na scam diyan, may gana pang magtaas ng premium. Hello?!”

According to PhilHealth, they need to increase the contributions of their 110 million members so they would have enough funds for the implementation of the Universal Healthcare Law.

On Facebook, Marcos issued a formal statement to explain her reaction on the controversial PhilHealth contributions increase. Marcos wrote, “I know that the increase in PhilHealth contributions is consonant to the implementation of the Universal Health Care Law (UHC). Very much like the earlier announcement of increase in SSS contributions beginning 2021, the timing of these increases coincides with a period of overwhelming economic difficulty due to the pandemic.”

She went on to stress that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are in need of services of PhilHealth. She said it is “cruel” to increase contributions at this time and said it is nothing but an “unusual punishment” to the members.

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“What is essential immediately is for PhilHealth to regain the confidence and trust of the public. PhilHealth’s reputation has been eroded from recent scandals and it has to resolve the issues that continue to hound the institution,” she added.