Heart Evangelista admits struggling with insecurities while in showbiz: “I knew I didn’t always fit in”

  • Heart Evangelista looked back at her journey in showbiz
  • She recalled how she struggled to fit in and how her insecurities have once made her consider quitting showbiz
  • The actress is celebrating her 24th year in showbiz

Heart Evangelista revealed that she almost quit on her showbiz career because she would struggle with her insecurities.

Image by Heart Evangelista via Instagram

On Evangelista’s latest vlog, she recalled how there were days that her insecurities would get the best of her.

In the vlog that’s entitled, “The Year that didn’t Happen,” the actress made a wrap-up video of the year 2020.

Evangelista shared how she began showbiz and how hard she coped up about fitting in. “I have to admit that there were times I wanted to give it all up. There were very hard days when my insecurities would get the best of me,” she said.

“I knew I didn’t always fit in. I knew I wasn’t like everyone else and I did not even know if people liked me because I was the different one,” she added.

As she celebrates her 24th year in showbiz, Evangelista said she has to remind herself of her humble beginnings in showbiz and to be grateful for everything she has.

“I’d remember the passion and drive of that teenage girl who was discovered by a talent scout in a mall and I’d pick myself up and try again,” she said.

“I have always known that nothing good comes easy, so I have lived my life working hard and just always being on the go,” she said.

Image Capture of Video by Heart Evangelista via Youtube

Evangelista shared that one of the most memorable entries she had on her diary was when she learned that she will soon be on TV.

“From that moment on I knew I wanted to become successful in what I do even if I wasn’t sure what that really meant,” she added.

You can watch the rest of the vlog via Heart Evangelista’s YouTube channel:

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