Feng Shui master says 2021 a good year for career but not for romance

  • Feng Shui master Maritess Allen said the Year of the Ox is not a good year for romance
  • She bared a snippet of her horoscope books 
  • Ms. Allen reminded that Feng Shui is just a guide and it’s up to the people to follow or not

Feng Shui master Maritess Allen bared that the 2021 Year of the Ox may be good with income and moderate wealth creation but not a great year for romance.

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According to Ms. Allen, couples must be on the lookout for some hurdles involving “infidelity” and “betrayal.”

“In terms of relationships, we have to be careful because 2021 is actually a year when marriages could be challenged. Infidelity, betrayal could be present,” Allen said. “We have to be careful with that.”

According to Ms. Allen’s 2021 Horoscope books, those born under the Year of the Rat, it is important to be wary of your health. For the Boar sign, always be cautious as the robbery and accident star are in their chart.

For the Year of the Monkey, conflict may arise due to the presence of the argumentative star. While those under Dragon will have to brace themselves due to the threat of the dreaded Five Yellow or the misfortune star.

The Rooster is one of the lucky signs this year as they are blessed with the wealth and prosperity star number 8 on their chart. However, the Snake needs to be careful as they bear the Five Yellow misfortune star.

The Year of the Horse can finally have some relief as it has the star of Victory and Success. The Dog sign bears the stars of robbery and accidents while Rabbit will have a defining year.

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The Ox will have more luck with prosperity and magnifying star while the Tiger will face confrontations and criticisms. The Sheep also has the argumentative star in your chart.

Ms. Allen reminded, “All of these are just guidance, of course, and it’s up to everybody to follow through with this wherever they may be. Everybody can have good luck anyways.”