Family shares their blessings by feeding over 100 kids to celebrate Christmas

  • A family shared their blessings to over 100 children in San Mateo, Rizal
  • The family of Jojo Carmona Santos personally cooked the food they gave to the kids as part of their “Noche Buena”
  • Jojo said they wanted to make the kids feel the true meaning of Christmas

A family decided to make Christmas Day more meaningful by sharing their blessing to children who are in need.

Image by Jojo Carmona Santos via News5

The family of Jojo Carmona Santos showed that Christmas is truly meaningful when we give back and make others happy. Their family fed over 100 kids in Modesta Riverside, San Mateo Rizal to celebrate the traditional “Noche Buena.”

Their family personally cooked the food they shared with the children. According to Jojo, they wanted to make sure the children get to enjoy Christmas through the food they prepared.

“Our family decided to share our blessings by giving back to the community and it is through giving food this Christmas,” he said through News5.

He went on to share that they wanted to give food instead of toys. “We wanted to make sure that those kids will have food, drink and of course face mask that they can use instead of buying them toys. And I guess, sharing is the true spirit of Christmas,” Jojo said.

Their generous act was lauded online by netizens. Many said they hoped that more families would take the time and effort to share to those in need. Many netizens also said good deeds such as these are very timely especially since there are really many who are struggling due to the pandemic.

Image by Jojo Carmona Santos via News5

A netizen commented, “Sana sa ibang lugar sa ating bansa na marami din nanggailanggan, ay may tumulong rin. Salamat sa inyong tulong ma’am/sir.”

Another said, “May your tribe multiply! Very good act of kindness.”

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