Dimples Romana’s daughter starts own business at age 16 with her own money

  • Dimples Romana is one proud momma to her daughter Callie
  • Callie, the 16-year-old girl, has launched her own line of rattan bags
  • The actress said she couldn’t be any more proud of her daughter and shared that Callie even used her own money for the start-up

The daughter of Dimples Romana is on her way to becoming a successful entrepreneur as she launched her own business.

Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

Callie, the 16-year-old unica hija of Dimples has launched her own line of rattan bags. She named her line as “Cal the Brand” and said she wanted to showcase the beautiful works of artisans using native materials. For her first collection, Callie features a few rattan bags that are handmade in a province.

She admitted that starting her own business while she’s still a teen is a dream come true.

“I’ve been really wanting to start something on my own as early as now so that, at least when I’m older, there’s a chance for it to get bigger and, hopefully, reach a lot more people,” she said on Pep.

And who would be more proud of Callie than her mom, Dimples. The actress couldn’t help but talk about how proud she is of her daughter’s achievement.

Dimples said, “I’m just happy that Callie, being very young at 16, really thought about being mindful about the communities and the resources that we have now.”

She also said that she doesn’t want to take credit for Callie’s success because it was all her. Even the money she used for her start-up was from Callie’s earnings.

Earlier, Dimples shared how supportive and happy they are for her daughter. “Sometimes I forget you’re only 16. From your wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit, to the way you go about ideas, you make me so proud to be your mama,” she wrote on Instagram.

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