Dennis Padilla denies making fun of LGBTQs as his daughter married a woman in the US

  • Dennis Padilla said he would not disrespect the LGBTQ community because his daughter Diane married a woman in the US
  • His MMFF entry had earlier been criticized for making fun of transgenders
  • The actor said his daughter Diane Baldivia married her partner Kathy Balmes last year in California

Dennis Padilla denied that he disrespects the LGBTQ community especially because his daughter married a woman in the United States.

Image by Diane Baldivia via Facebook

Recently, netizens have accused Dennis and his co-actors that their Metro Manila Film Fest entry makes fun of the transgender community.

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Dennis clarified that there is no way that he will make fun of transgenders because his daughter is in a same-sex marriage.

“My daughter is married to a woman in the States. My eldest daughter Diane, who is 30 years old, is married to Katx who is also a woman. And I respect them because mahal ng anak ko, eh,” he said.

Dennis said he understood and accepted his daughter Diane Baldivia. She got married to her partner Katx Balmes last September 26, 2019 in California.

He said, “So, nang ikasal sila sa Amerika, I was happy for them. Ako pa ba ang babastos sa LGBTQ, eh, yung daughter ko, asawa babae? Legally married sila sa California.”

On Facebook, Diane shared photos of their wedding day. She revealed that they have been a couple for quite some time and couldn’t wait to finally be married.

Image by Diane Baldivia via Facebook

She wrote, “After 5 years of being in a long distance relationship, 7 years of being in a relationship and 1 year of being engaged to each other, WE ARE FINALLY MARRIED! NO MATTER WHAT MAY COME, WE’LL HAVE OUR WE AND US. #lovewins #Mrs&Mrs.”