Clickbait or change of heart? Vivian Velez posts: “Unti-unti na bang namumulat ang aking mga mata?”

  • Vivian Velez posted a cryptic message about being enlightened to broken promises
  • Initially, she used the sad and a Philippine flag emoji to perhaps allude that it’s a political post but later changed it to #clickbait after the post became viral
  • Netizens started asking if Velez, who is a known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte is having a “change of heart”

Netizens couldn’t help but be intrigued with the recent cryptic post of Vivian Velez.

Image by Vivian Velez via Facebook

Velez, who has been known to be a strong supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, posted on Facebook about slowly being enlightened to broken promises.

She wrote, “Unti-unti na bang namumulat ang aking mga mata? Sa mga pangakong napako!? Sayang ang pagod at malasakit.”

Many netizens were quick to assume that the post was political as she added the sad and Philippine flag emojis at the end.

In the comment section, several of Velez’s friends also shared the same sentiment. A friend of Velez wrote, “Mismo!!! kaya dun tayo ms Vivian Velez sa magbibigay ng realidad at pangakong di mapapako.”

Another one commented, “Actually, nakakapagod, corruption is indeed systemic and quite hard to resolve. I feel you and I feel bad for the President. Makes you ask if there is hope for this country.”

After the post has gained attention, Velez commented on her own post saying, “Daming jaundice na natuwa.” She also changed the previous Philippine flag emoji to a #clickbait.

Image by Vivian Velez via Facebook

Netizens started to ask if Velez is now “crossing over to the other side” or is now siding with the opposition. They said that if it is indeed true, that would be surprising as Velez has been one of those who are very vocal in defending the policies of the Duterte administration.

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