Catriona Gray shows bare face, says online posts different from everyday reality

  • Catriona Gray shared a photo of herself with no makeup
  • She said just like everyone else, she also has skin imperfections
  • The beauty queen reminded everyone that the flawless looks we see online is not her everyday reality

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray showed off her makeup-free face as she reminded everyone that not everything we see online is everyday reality.

Image by Catriona Gray via Instagram

On Instagram, the beauty queen shared that she doesn’t always look as flawless as she is on photoshoots and social media posts. Catriona said just like others, she also gets oily face, pimples and other skin imperfections.

She wrote, “Hiii. I just jumping on here with a bare faced selfie to remind you that even though in photoshoots, makeup and IG story filters, my skin looks “flawless”…in reality I have pores, oiliness, fine lines, breakouts, beauty spots and moles…and I’m perfectly fine with that.”

She went on to remind everyone to not compare what we see online against reality. Catriona said, “This is just a kind, little reminder to remember that what we see online is a “curated feed”, and that we shouldn’t compare that to our everyday reality. #AsSheIs.”

Image by Catriona Gray via Instagram

This isn’t the first time Catriona gave a reminder that what many people see online is not the real thing.

In November last year, she also posted a snapshot of herself without makeup. She said that self-love is important for everyone.

“#AsSheIs This is the skin I wake up in every day. I love playing with makeup and being glam, but I’ve also grown to love the skin I wake up in acne scars, moles and all,” she said.

Catriona added, “I too have days where I don’t feel confident, or my insecurities are louder…but that’s okay. Loving yourself as you are is a journey, but it’s a journey worth taking.”

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