Bride wears all-black gown in a unique wedding that stunned netizens

  • A couple from Calumpang, Molo had an all-black wedding
  • The bride Daryl Mosquera-Jetonzo stunned everyone when she walked down the aisle in a black wedding gown
  • Daryl and his groom Gerald Paul Jetonzo wanted to prove their faith is greater than the superstition that wearing black during weddings brings bad luck

A couple’s unique all-black wedding has captivated the interest of netizens online.

Image by Daryl Mosquera-Jetonzo via Facebook

The wedding photos of Daryl Mosquera-Jetonzo and Gerald Paul Jetonzo from Calumpang, Molo has gone viral online after netizens couldn’t believe that it’s possible to wear an all-black ensemble for a Catholic wedding. The couple who has been together for more than eight years got married last December 12, 2020 at the Medal Parish in Molo district.

Veering away from the traditional white wedding gown, the bride stunned everyone as she walked down the aisle in a black gown made by Ilonggo designer, James Roa. Even her veil was in black as she held dark red colored roses for her bouquet.

According to the groom, Gerald Paul, black is her bride Daryl’s favorite color. But aside from that preference, the couple also wanted to break the superstition that wearing black during a wedding brings bad luck.

Daryl explained that they wanted to prove that their belief in God is stronger than any superstition.

Image by Daryl Mosquera-Jetonzo via Facebook

She wrote on Facebook, “Why black? Well, aside from the fact that we love wearing black, My FAITH in GOD is STRONGER than your belief. We can never have the strength to fight the battles we had for 8 years if we didn’t put God in our relationship.”

“Now, if you believe that black is ‘malas’ then that’s not my problem anymore. Because the color of my wedding gown cannot decide on what is going to happen in our married life. It’s about how we face the challenges in life knowing that God is with us,” she added.

Congratulations on your blessed union!