Arjo Atayde dedicates Asian Academy Creative Best Actor Award to Filipinos: ” My win is yours”

  • Arjo Atayde was named Best Actor in the recent Asian Academy Creative Awards
  • He was recognized for his role in the iWant TFC series “Bagman”
  • The actor dedicated his award to all the Filipinos, especially those who are trying to work hard in their passion

Arjo Atayde said he dedicates his recent acting award to all Filipinos who feel discouraged.

Image by Arjo Atayde via Instagram

Arjo has recently been named as the Best Actor by the prestigious Asian Academy Creative Award for 2020. He was recognized for his acting role in the iWant TFC series “Bagman.”

According to the 30-year-old Kapamilya actor, his award is dedicated to those who are discouraged to work hard on their dream and for those who feel they are not enough.

On Instagram, Arjo wrote a lengthy post about his win. He said, “This is for everyone who has been discouraged by others to pursue their dreams, for everyone who has been told that they don’t belong, for everyone with self-doubt, for everyone behind the scenes that made this possible @abscbn @dreamscapeph @reinentertainment.”

Arjo also thanked his family and mentioned his “Bub” or girlfriend Maine Mendoza.

“For my loved ones who continuously support my every move — my family, friends and Bubs, and for all my fellow actors in the Philippines — my win is yours,” he added.

Arjo went on to continue encouraging others to work hard in pursuing their passions.

Image by iWant TFC

“Here’s to fighting the good fight and doing what you’re passionate about! Thank you to everyone who messaged and sent their congratulations. Appreciate each and every one of you,” he said.

In the end, Arjo also thanked the Asian Academy Creative Awards for recognizing him and the Filipino talent. He added, “It is truly such an honor!”

Arjo is the first Filipino to win an international award in the grand finals of AAAs in the three years that the Philippines has been included in the national winners.

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