Anthony Taberna’s wife on daughter’s condition: “I cannot help but blame myself”

  • Anthony Taberna’s wife Rossel shared how scared and regretful she was when their daughter Zoey was diagnosed
  • She said she couldn’t help but blame herself for being “extra busy” that she missed Zoey’s sudden weight loss
  • Rossel said they hold on to their family and faith amid these trying times

Anthony Taberna’s wife Rossel opened up about how regretful she felt when their daughter Zoey was diagnosed with leukemia.

Image by Rossel Taberna via Facebook

On a lengthy Facebook post, Rossell shared how heartbreaking and emotional she felt seeing Zoey go through her treatments. She also revealed how their family is coping up with the reality.

She revealed that it was Zoey who wanted to share a photo of herself after they shaved her hair. Rossel said she’s so proud of her daughter’s strength.

She wrote, “Kahit na pinaiyak niyo na naman ako ng Daddy mo, I’m super happy cos you’ve finally decided to show the world how beautiful you are- with or without hair.”

Rossel also revealed how she felt so scared and regretful when Zoey’s diagnosis first came up. “I was so scared and regretful. I cannot help but blame myself. Bakit hindi ko nalaman sooner? Why didn’t I noticed your abrupt weight-loss? I felt so guilty for being extra busy and I know in my heart, kasalanan ko,” she said.

Image by Rossel Taberna via Facebook

The emotional wife couldn’t help but just be thankful that she was blessed with a loving and supportive husband.

“He would always remind me that it’s no ones fault and that we are just facing a major life challenge,” Rossel said.

The loving mom said she holds on their family and faith for support during these difficult times. She also thanked the Lord that Zoey also has a strong faith and isn’t giving up.

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