Angeline Quinto believes in ‘law of attraction’ as she makes dream in yearbook a reality

  • Angeline Quinto wrote how she believed in the ‘law of attraction’
  • She shared a yearbook photo where it was written that her dream is to become a professional singer
  • It sure has become a reality as Angeline is now one of the country’s top singers

Angeline Quinto proudly shared her “law of attraction” moment when she showed how she was able to achieve her dream in her yearbook a reality.

Image by Angeline Quinto via Instagram

On Instagram, the singer posted a snapshot of her old yearbook where she shared her childhood dream. Beside her yearbook photo were the words: “Nothing is impossible. To be a professional singer someday.”

In the caption, she wrote: “Law of attraction.”

True to the words, Angeline has achieved that status since she won the TV talent contest “Star Power” in 2011. Aside from being a professional singer, Angeline had also ventured into acting, starring in both movies and teleseryes. She is part of the upcoming ABS-CBN drama “Huwag Kang Mangamba.”

Angeline’s journey to success was not easy and she’s a living proof that anything in this world is possible as long as you hold on to your dreams.

Image by Angeline Quinto via Instagram

Earlier, Angeline took a trip down memory lane on her Instagram account, as she recalled the days when she worked as a wedding and debut singer.

Angge wrote, “Yung panahong kumakanta ako sa mga kasal at debut at binabayaran ako 2,500 para sa mga kanta. At pag mababait at natutuwa ang mga kinakantahan ko may pa take out pa na pagkain pag uwi ko.”

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and turn them into reality.

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