“Above all, human dignity”: Daughter of policeman pens appreciation post to dedicated cops

  • Ria Momblan, a daughter of a policeman, wrote an appreciation post to all the dedicated cops
  • She said she grew up in a family with military men but she didn’t see them abuse their power or profession
  • Ria said her dad knows how to manage himself and doesn’t use his position to intimidate others

A daughter of a policeman wrote an appreciation post to show how proud she is of her father’s honorable job.

Image by Ria Momblan via Facebook

On Facebook, Ria Momblan penned how thankful she is that her father is a dedicated police officer. Amid the recent unfortunate incident involving a cop in Tarlac, Ria said not all cops use their arms to hurt others.

She wrote, “Pulis din ang tatay ko. I never feared men at arms because I grew up witnessing how honorable their job is.”

Ria revealed she grew up in a family with military men but she never saw any of them use their arms to intimidate others.

“Both my lolo and father are from the military which makes me get used to seeing them carrying guns when they’re around but never have I seen them use it to their advantage to incite fear towards others,” she said.

Ria said it frustrates her to know that some uniformed men use their profession against others. She said, “It just pisses me off to see SOME of them took advantage of their position and even have the audacity to brag about it?”

Image by Ria Momblan via Facebook

Ria went on to say how proud she is that her dad is a policeman who values the lives and human dignity of others. She said, “Pulis din ang tatay ko at alam niya kung saan lulugar. Above all, human dignity.”

In the end, Ria also wrote a short message advising fathers to take the time to properly look after their children. “Ps. To all fathers out there, Palakihin nang tama ang inyong mga anak,” she said.

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