Netizens gush over viral photos of affectionate pet cat taking care of baby

  • Netizen Joey Mansalungan shared photos of their pet cat named Keanu and their baby Cael
  • She was surprised to see Keanu looking after their 3-month-old baby while she and her husband were away
  • Joey said she felt emotional to see the heartwarming scene

An affectionate cat has recently gone viral after photos of it impressed many netizens online.

Image by Joey Mansalungan via Facebook

Joey Mansalungan is one proud furmom after she shared photos of their pet cat named Keanu being affectionate and looking after their 3-month-old baby boy. Kean was found gently touching and even cuddling with Baby Cael while Joey and her husband went out to buy something.

Joey clarified that even if they were away, Baby Cael was left under the care of his grandmother and siblings at home.

When they returned home after doing a few errands, Joey’s 12-year-old daughter Sodina proudly showed them the photos she took of the heartwarming moment between baby Cael and their furbaby Keanu.

Joey said she couldn’t help but be emotional after seeing the tender moments because it made her feel how loving their pet cat is to their baby.

“Nabigla po kami kasi parang napaka-rare moment po ‘yun. At the same time, teary-eyed po ako kasi para po sa akin, mahal na mahal ng pusa namin si baby Cael. Parang sinasabi ng pusa namin na nandito lang ako, babantayan kita,” said Joey.

Image by Joey Mansalungan via Facebook

Joey described the bonding moment as “unconditional love.” She added, ” I just want to share how cats (animals) are adorable and love us, human.. sobrang cute! At nakakataba ng puso.”

A netizen expressed how she felt upon seeing the viral photos. She commented, “What a wonderful scene! Pets are loyal that they are far better sometimes to other human beings.”

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