Mimiyuuuh to the youth who feels pressured to be successful: “Don’t be hard on yourself”

  • Mimiyuuuh shared an inspiring message to the youth of today who feels pressured to be successful in their careers
  • He said the “20-somethings” is the perfect time to work on ourselves by learning and improving
  • The vlogger also shared how we should stop comparing ourselves to others and have our “own path to success”

Your girl Mimiyuuuh has an inspiring and relatable message to those who are “20-somethings” and who feels pressured to be successful.

Image by Mimiyuuuh via Instagram

In his latest vlog, Mimiyuuuh wore a dinosaur costume and addressed the youth who are still unsure of their career path. “I know some of you all are pressured and questioning themselves,” the 23-year-old vlogger said.

“You see other people living the life you want to live, flexing the thing, flexing the bags, flexing the cars, flexing them shoes, flexing them legs, and you start questioning yourself what am I doing with my life?” he added.

Mimiyuuuh continued that what’s important is that we keep on building ourselves. “At 20s, don’t stop learning, don’t stop experiencing life, don’t stop struggling because it’s part of growing up,” he said.

He went on to say that it’s also okay to not work on our childhood dreams and go with what life has to offer. Mimiyuuuh recalled how he dreamed to become a fashion designer but found luck as a vlogger.

Mimiyuuuh also reminded the youth that each person has their “own path to success.” Mimiyuuuh also admitted that one of the problems of the youth of today is how social media makes them compare their lives with that of others.

Image by Mimiyuuuh via Facebook

“Maaring sinwerte siya kaya napadali. ’Yung iba sobrang nahihirapan. You just need to focus on your own path. Don’t be hard on yourself finding the finish line of your own path,” he said.

You can watch the rest of the vlog via Mimiyuuuh’s YouTube channel:

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