McDonald’s to launch meatless burger dubbed as “McPlant”

  • McDonald’s will soon be rolling out its “McPlant” burger in some of its key stores
  • It is a plant-based burger that will cater to people who don’t eat meat
  • The fastfood chain is also looking forward to improve some of its classic bestsellers

McDonald’s is set to launch a plant-based burger dubbed as “McPlant”.

Image by McDonalds

The fastfood giant announced that it is ready to serve “McPlant” to some of its key stores. McPlant is McDonald’s answer to a growing number of people who are not consuming meat.

McDonald International President Ian Borden said they had a group who already tested their plant-based burger in cooperation with the company Beyond Meat, which specializes in vegan meat substitutes.

Borden was quoted on CNN saying, “We have created a delicious burger that will be the first menu option in a plant-based platform.”

“Beyond Meat and McDonalds co-created the plant-based patty which will be available as part of their McPlant platform,” a Beyond Meat spokesperson said.

McDonald’s isn’t the first one to get meatless food in their menu. Other fast food chains like Burger King and Dunkin’ have already been getting in on the plant-based trend.

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Amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic in the world, McDonald’s also disclosed that they will be strengthening some of their bestsellers which are already considered “comfort food” by many. “Demand for the familiar in these uncertain times is more important than ever,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

Some of their planned improvements to their “classic” bestsellers include toasty buns and an “enhanced grilling approach” for hamburgers. They are also considering new flavors for their chicken. “We want customers to choose McDonald’s for chicken,” the spokesperson added.

To keep with the people’s needs amid the pandemic, McDonald’s will test a new online platform and a new loyalty program. It will also build a new drive-in only outlets and have lines dedicated to customers who pre-ordered their meals online.

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