Marco Gumabao opens up on how his dad Dennis Roldan’s conviction became a “blessing”

  • Marco Gumabao revealed how his father Dennis Roldan’s conviction became a blessing for their family
  • He recalled the experiences he had when his father was apprehended
  • The actor said because of the conviction, their family became Christians and became stronger together

Marco Gumabao opened up a controversial part of his life when he talked about his father Dennis Roldan.

Image by Marco Gumabao via Instagram

In his most recent vlog entitled “My Family, My Story,” Marco revealed the harrowing experience they had when his dad was apprehended when he was just 10 years old back in 2005. He recalled the experience of how he and his mother hid in the bathroom but was still found by the authorities. He saw how his dad was handcuffed and apprehended.

Marco said because of the experience, he and his siblings were often ridiculed in school and laughed at. And while it was painful, Marco and his family soon realized that the incident had become a “blessing” for them because they became devout Christians.

Because of what they went through, Marco also revealed that it brought their family closer together and their bond became much stronger.

“You can’t really run away from your past. But the best thing to do is how you can show people that what happened to your past became a blessing sa future mo. Blessing pa rin for us kasi alam ni God na matibay kami,” the actor said.

Image by Marco Gumabao via Instagram

“Itong ganitong klaseng tragedy na nangyari sa family namin, it all made us stronger, it all made us get together more. Kumbaga nagka-foundation kami, daddy namin naging pastor sa loob ng kulungan. The first year na nandun siya na-Born Again siya sa kulungan. That for us was the biggest turning point of our lives,” he added.

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